Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our New Little Family Tradition

So for the past 3 years Sean has wanted to go to a Christmas tree farm and do the whole old fashioned pick and cut thing for our tree...I was NOT having it!!! I had my great big 9ft beautiful artificial tree that I just loved and i didn't want all the mess that comes with real trees!! Well.....this year we moved into a new house and my tree was too tall :( so I gave in and let Sean have his way!! I looked online and found a tree farm in our area and this afternoon we loaded up  the two older kiddos and took off to the tree farm!!! They were both so excited! We got there and they took off running through the trees saying "oh this one " and "oh that one". After browsing around for a bit they finally found one that met mommy's approval!! They cracked up at daddy cutting it down and thought that was the neatest thing!! The farm had a moonwalk and while we paid for the tree and got it loaded they played with 2 other kids in the moonwalk!! After seeing how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed it, I wish we would have started this sooner....but after todays experience I am pretty sure this will be a new family tradition in the McDonald household!!!

The search has begun!!

This was Shane's pick lol!!!

And this was Rylei's pick!!

And this was "the keeper"!!!

I also got a few pics of them playing in the moonwalk and the tree loaded and tied on my car but it is just taking too long to upload tonight for some reason!!!

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