Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December/Christmas 2010

Ok so I didn't get off to a great start on my blog....I was a slacker about blogging all of December so I have alot of catching up to do!! As my last post mentioned...my mom and I took a girls trip ( no kids ) to Canton for her Bday weekend!! It was a BLAST!! I had never been but I was in heaven!! I got some cute ideas for my lil' crafty self to make!!! I cannot wait to go back and my mom and I decided that will definately be an annual thing for us!! Then the next thing on our December agenda was Sean's family Christmas party to kick off the Christmas season!! We had a crazy christmas hat contest and my project fell to peices the night before so I didn't even participate :( My creative sis in law Misty took home the prize!! Pics soon to come!! The kids had a gift exchange and both loved their gifts!! Next stop....Sean's company party, this was our 1st year at this company so we didn't really know what to expect, but boy oh boy were we happy at the end of the party!! They gave away door prizes and Sean won a $50 academy gift card and I won a $250 moody gardens gift card!!! WOW huh?!?!? I cannot wait until it warms up and I can take the kids!!! And not to forget the $100 visa every employee got in there Chrsitmas card!! It was a really good day!! Now for the somewhat disappointing part....my family party was suppossed to be on Christmas Eve at my aunts house, BUT sadly her daughter tested positive for the flu on the 23rd :( SO....with Trent having been so sick lately Sean and I thought we better not go. My parents came over and we made homemade chili played the Wii and my parents gave the kids their gifts from them. It was kinda nice and quiet but we did miss not being able to all be together. We are planning a get together for my side in early Feb for game night and dinner to make up for it!! Then came SANTA!!! The kids sat out milk and cookies for Santa and i put them in bed fairly early!! I did not have ONE thing wrapped lol...my mom helped and we knocked it pretty quick!! They got soo many cute things and they were soo happy!! But I think the yellow 4-wheeler defiantely takes the cake this year!! We are so blessed to be were we are, we have came a long way this past year with the whole job change and moving thing!! We are very anxious to move back to Tarkington but are still very happy with our life as it is now too!! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!!

OMG i almost forgot ( how dare I ) the day after Christmas Sean got this wild hair that we were going to go car shopping!! I had been looking online alot just keeping my eye out for "a good deal" but was in no hurry to buy until the spring....well long story short we came home with a Yukon Denali XL!!! I love love love it and I am so happy with the deal we got!!! God is GOOD!!! I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!!!